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Turkey claims to have increased security in the Aegean “fearing Greek provocation”

Turkey is increasing its security in the tiny part of the Aegean Sea within its territorial waters in fact without apparent reason. State news agency Anadolu said on Thursday that the Turkish Navy deployed a frigate and two gun boats in the Aegean and ordered them to be on alert …

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Increased security measures in Greece’s Coptic churches after deadly blasts in Egypt

Greek police has increased security measures in Coptic churches after the deadly blasts in Egypt that cost the lives of 45 people. The three official Coptic churches located in Athens have been under strict surveillance and security patrols. The security plan went into effect already on Holy Monday, a day …

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Obama cancels his speech in Pnyka for reasons of … bad weather

Outgoing US President Barack Obama cancelled his planned speech in the open space of Pnyka, officially due to upcoming bad weather front. The speech was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, November 16th 2016. Unofficially the reasons are rather of “security” as Pnyka at the feet of Acropolis is an …

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UPD Athens: draconian security measures due to students’ parade

It’s not German Chancellor Angela Merkel coming to Greece, neither US-President Barrack Obama on an official visit. It’s only the students’ parade on the occasion of  “25th March” National Day commemorating the launch of Greek Independence war against the Ottoman occupation.  And yet. Three thousand policemen have taken downtown Athens …

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Novelty? Rent-A-Cop. A Real Greek Cop….

Feel unsafe when you go to pick up money from your local bank? You could rent a trained guard from squads of  Greek Police EL.AS. For just 30 euro per hour. For additional 20 euro you could also be escorted by a policeman on a motorcycle or accompanied by a police dog. A …

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Greece On Alert due to the General Strike, Feb 23

Greece’s security  is on alert and authorities try to prevent the break out of riots and violent incidents during the general strike of February 23, 2011. Greek media and internet sites report that “the authorities have set priorities so that there will be no dead, no properties damages and no occupations …

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