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Policemen arrested for working as “private security guards” in Mykonos villas

Three police officers were arrested on the island of Mykonos for providing private security service to villas even during their shift hours at the local police station.

Citing police sources, media report on Monday that the officers were providing the private security service for 12 euros per hour to the villas of a German millionaire and a Greek industrialist. According to daily efsyn, the customers are not charged of any offense and it is not clear whether they knew that the “security guards” were policemen.

Three policemen provided security services to private villas in Mykonos, even during their shift hours at the police station, which was revealed by an investigation by the Directorate of Internal Affairs, which followed them for at least three months.

The three police officers, a deputy constable and two probationary constables, were assigned to Mykonos during the tourist season.

The Police Directorate of Internal Affairs, had them under surveillance for  at least three months and arrested them in Mykonos and Athens on Monday morning.

Another three police officers were arrested too for offering the same private service, while assigned for duty on the island. Their involvement was revealed during D..I.A. monitoring of the phones of the first three arrested policemen.

According to police sources cited by state-run news agency amna, the defendants offered security services to the private individuals, in violation of their duties, at a fee of 10-12 euros per hour, media reported.

In the investigation carried out, they were found to have in their possession 1,700 euros and 50 pills of “a specific active substance of anabolic steroids.” were confiscated.

The steroids were used by one of them.

All six police officers face charges  – as the case may be – for the offenses of dereliction of duty, of the legislation regulating issues of private companies providing security services and private investigation offices as well as the legislation for amateur and professional sports, news website koutipandoras.gr reported.

Investigation is ongoing.

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