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War in Middle East: Greece’s Intelligence, Anti-Terror on “Red Alert”

Greek authorities, the intelligence service and the anti-terror department are on red alert and are reportedly ready to deal with any challenge that will arise in the country due to the war in the Middle East.

On top priority is the monitoring of hundreds of refugees and immigrants from Palestine and Egypt who are accommodated in structures on the Aegean islands and mainly in Kos. It is estimated that the number of immigrants is around 3,000, reports news website

At the same time, dozens of people from Palestine who are living in Athens have been placed under strict surveillance, while they were under simple surveillance until last week.

Second axis of the authorities’ plan is the enhanced controls at Greek airports. Information states that on every flight that arrives in Greek territory from Middle Eastern cities, passengers are thoroughly checked using specially trained dogs. The goal is for all arrivals and their luggage to be fully screened. So far nothing suspicious has been detected.

The third axis of the plan concerns the protection of Israeli and Jewish interests. At the Israeli embassy on Kifissias Avenue in Athens, security has increased dramatically. From one police patrol car usually, there are now three, the number of police guards has doubled, while police on motorcycles “comb” the wider area 24 hours a day.

At the same time, increased measures are applied to business targets in Athens and especially Thessaloniki where there is a large Jewish community. Even hotels of Jewish interests were included in the security plan of Greek police and intelligence services.

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