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Mykonos private parties: Entrance starts at €500, invitations per sms

Does the state put restrictions due to coronavirus? No, problem. Some people will always find a solution: the private parties in luxurious villas on the island of Mykonos. Entrance fee starts at 500 euros and a party package can reach up to 10,000. All without receipts, taxes and social contributions. …

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University Professor fired for trading “bribes” for “grades”, now seeks justice in ECHR

The professors had a price list for the grades he could give to students who wanted to pass his class: 250 euro for grade “6”, 300 euro for an “8” and 400 euro for the top mark “10”.  It is not clear for how many years the professor at the …

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Novelty? Rent-A-Cop. A Real Greek Cop….

Feel unsafe when you go to pick up money from your local bank? You could rent a trained guard from squads of  Greek Police EL.AS. For just 30 euro per hour. For additional 20 euro you could also be escorted by a policeman on a motorcycle or accompanied by a police dog. A …

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