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Mykonos private parties: Entrance starts at €500, invitations per sms

Does the state put restrictions due to coronavirus? No, problem. Some people will always find a solution: the private parties in luxurious villas on the island of Mykonos. Entrance fee starts at 500 euros and a party package can reach up to 10,000. All without receipts, taxes and social contributions. A common secret on the island, not just in coronavirus times. And this angers the local businessmen.

The parties send out secret invitations per mobile sms. The messages include also the coordinates of the villas as well as pictures so that access is easy.

Prices include almost everything: music by internationally famous DJs, plenty of alcohol, mystic ceremonies, but also drugs of any kind, reports Live News on Mega TV.

Citing local businessmen, the news magazine note that the tourists are collected per van from the bars and beach bars of the island every night and are taken to the luxurious parties where they stay until the dawn.

Security staff are controlling the entrance and make sure that nobody without the necessary invitation get in.

Admission tickets are prepaid, of course. The … party packages are being sold and paid in advance online via websites some of the organizers have created.

Others just find customers at the bars of Mykonos, as one local businessman complain to Live News.

Thousands of euros are cashed every day – tax free, of course.

One of the websites lurk its clients under the pretext of conferences and meditation.

The private parties are held in different villas every night, so that authorities cannot locate them.

Apparently the whole issue is based on “subscription” with membership fee at outrageous 1,400 euros. Entrance to the event starts at 500 to 1,000 euros per person or a table. Depending on the party package, the price can reach up to 10,000 euros.

According to local businessmen, these private parties started last year. Organizers rent a villa under the pretext to celebrate their birthdays and they celebrate them 3-4 times in a week.

For the promotion and to get customers from the bars, organizers have around 20 people on the island. Some 300-500 people can attend such a party.

“It is all black money going abroad. No police goes ever there. It is no-go zone,” said businessman Stavros Grymplas.

How can police go there if the party is private? he wonders.

Three such parties took place over the last weekend, he said. Locals have informed the police. But “how can police go there if the party is private?” the businessman wonders.

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PS I always thought, there was a parallel universe.

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