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University Professor fired for trading “bribes” for “grades”, now seeks justice in ECHR

The professors had a price list for the grades he could give to students who wanted to pass his class: 250 euro for grade “6”, 300 euro for an “8” and 400 euro for the top mark “10”.  It is not clear for how many years the professor at the University of Macedonia was trading “euros” for “grades” but two students complained about him, once they had received their diplomas. It is also not clear, whether the professor would initially give a low grade like “2” or “3” just to have the possibility to blackmail the students struggling to get their university diplomas.

The professor had an assistant that would contact the students and make the under the table deals and “he would not make any discount, if the students had no money to pay,” media report.

To make the long story short, the professor was fired from the university and moreover he was charged with a 18-month sentence “for accepting bribes”, a sentence upheld also by Greece’s Supreme Court where he made an appeal.

Now the professor made again an appeal and even plans to refer his case tot the European Court of Human Rights claiming that the sentence and the loss of his work “have ruined him economically” and that he “cannot afford to cover the basic needs of his family” !

The academic was known as “the grosser” among his colleagues, an expression meaning that “somebody sells cheap.” (Full story in Greece here.)

I don’t know if his colleagues were trading grades for more euros, but this is the typical case of a Greek public servant trying to make use of laws and holes in the laws and never admits wrongdoing  in a country where corruption turned to be national hobby.

And yes, His name was not published….



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