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University Professor fired for trading “bribes” for “grades”, now seeks justice in ECHR

The professors had a price list for the grades he could give to students who wanted to pass his class: 250 euro for grade “6”, 300 euro for an “8” and 400 euro for the top mark “10”.  It is not clear for how many years the professor at the …

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Corfu airport: Pictures of shame as no cleaning personnel

This is the airport of the beautiful island of Corfu: hundreds of empty water and beverage bottles are laying nicely on the floor or are carefully arranged around garbage boxes by passengers ready to take off.  The pictures of shame have been uploaded on internet by Giorgos Tseremis, the president …

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Athens: Shop owner kicks accordion playing Roma girl

A moment of unprecedented racism right under the glory of the Acropolis. At Dionysioy Aeropagitoy Street. A street full of tourists, street vendors and musicians. A young Roma girl is playing the accordion. She must be six or seven years old. Tourists pass by and drop half a euro or …

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