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Corfu airport: Pictures of shame as no cleaning personnel

This is the airport of the beautiful island of Corfu: hundreds of empty water and beverage bottles are laying nicely on the floor or are carefully arranged around garbage boxes by passengers ready to take off.  The pictures of shame have been uploaded on internet by Giorgos Tseremis, the president of the shop-owners of the Old City of Corfu.


Corfu check-in

“There was a contest to select a new cleaning contractor in summer. Until the procedure is complete, this unacceptable situation has been established at the airport in the midst of the tourist season,” Tseremis noted on his Facebook account.

According to information when businessmen and merchants in Corfu aspire to tourism, the Airport Manager decided to commission a new cleaning service company.

At the same time, the personnel of the previous cleaning service was unpaid for one and a half year and therefore the cleaners had left after going into work retention.

This is not the first time the airport turns into a landfill as similar pictures of shame occurred a few weeks ago. ( )

Corfu, We got a problem!


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  1. Colleen McGuire

    Let’s look at the bigger picture. The bigger problem is society’s reliance on plastic bottled waters. Such a hoax. most ofit is tap water anyway. People should carry their own cannisters and stop buying plastic.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      They are not allowed to carry liquids in the airplanes anyway and I can imagine, ’empty canisters’ in hand bag can look dangerous. I personally when travelling need a 2l-canister… oh, weight!

  2. OK – point made. But perhaps with minimal forethought travellers could deposit their rubbish before arriving at the security gate.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I understand the pictures are from the “departures” area, and apparently the whole airport has a problem.