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“Money Back” – Get Purchase Discounts with Used Public Transport Tickets

 Used public transport tickets would bring benefits to their holders. According to the “Money back” used tickets can being transformed into an “unofficial” or “alternative currency” and be redeemed with discounts from stores that participate in the innovative scheme. Greek and foreign passengers in Athens, but also airplane-, ferryboats- and train-ticket holders will have more benefits than just moving around.

Used mass transport tickets acquire a new value through an innovative idea, the “Money Back” system, being transformed into a new “alternative currency” for goods and services in stores participating in the scheme.
The idea, which has a European patent, belongs to Giorgos Vergakis and is being implemented in Greece by the Sales Promotion Center, a company providing integrated and specialised sales promotion and marketing services. 
The Money Back system, under the slogan “Do not throw it away it has a value”, allows the public using urban transport (metro, bus, tram, Proastiakos train, electric railway) as well as travelers using ferryboats, airplanes, and trains in Greece and abroad to get discounts from participating stores simply by displaying their used tickets. 
The discount is calculated based on a cashing scale that depends on the total value of the goods purchased. For example, the 5 to 1 cashing scale means that for every 5 euros of purchases consumers will have 1 euro discount if they have the amount of 1 euro in the form of used tickets.
In a press conference in Athens on Wednesday, Giorgos Vergakis explained that the “Money Back” system has social dimensions and a positive impact on the environment, traffic, ecology, quality of life and participation, urging people to use mass transport means while, at the same time, boosting the local market.
The “Money Back” initiative was first launched four years ago in Iraklion on the island of Crete as a pilot project but soon spread across Greece.  (Athens News)
No matter how much I searched on the internet, even at the website of Sales Promotion Centre, I wasn’t able to find out when exactly this scheme will start to operate and how exactly it will work.
Does anyone from Iraklion, Crete, have experience with this scheme? If one gets a list of the participating stores, for example.
Nevertheless, I am sure we will know more it in the near future. We keep it in mind 🙂

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