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PowerPass: How to check the rebate amount you will be paid

The PowerPass platform started to upload the amounts of payment for electricity rebates to eligible citizens on Thursday, July 14, and the payment is scheduled to start tomorrow Friday, July 15, Greece’s Finance Ministry announced. The subsidy is extended also for the electricity bills issued in June 2022.

The payment of the extraordinary financial aid from the state budget to cover part of the increase in the cost of electricity consumption for domestic consumers in the period from December 1, 2021 until May 31, 2022.

The so-called Power Pass provides cash rebates ranging from 18 euros to 600 euros for bills issued between December 1, 2021 and 31 May, 2022 and covers 60% of the surplus charges on bills from sharply higher energy prices, minus the state subsidies and any discounts given by the providers.

Beneficiaries include households with a net family income in 2020 of up to 45,000 euros and homes with non-fixed price contracts (contracts that follow wholesale energy market price fluctuations). It chiefly concerns the primary residence of a household, but also applies to rentals for dependent students that are studying away from home (within Greece). In cases where there are two beneficiaries for the same home, the rebate is split between them.

How to check the amount approved by the PowerPass

In order to see the amount that you will receive, you must visit the application at

  1. You select the Power Pass icon.
  2. Access the site with your Taxisnet codes
  3. The application will display the Beneficiary’s AMKA number and show application as “Under Clearing”.
  4. The summary of the PowerPass Clearing and the amount will look like this below:

The Power Pass stages:

Indications for the progress clearing progress could be seen as follows:

REJECTED: The application has been rejected. If you navigate to the application page, you will see more information at the top (e.g. impossibility of cross-referencing the AFM (tax number) as beneficiary/co-beneficiary with the declared IBAN).

UNDER CHECK: The application has been submitted and is in the process of checking the following: – if the AFM is a beneficiary / co-beneficiary in the declared IBAN. – if the applicant has not exceeded one (1) application for himself and his/her spouse and has not exceeded 3 for protected members.

UNDER CLEARING: For applications in this status, the checks for the IBAN/AFM have been completed, and no additional actions are required from the citizen.

TO BE SENT TO BANKING INSTITUTION: The refund amount (for payment, via DIAS) will be sent to the selected Financial Institution.

TO BE PROCESSED BY BANK INSTITUTION: The order for the refund amount has been sent to the selected Financial Institution via DIAS and we are waiting for the bank to make the payment.

APPROVED: We have received a response from the selected Financial Institution that they have successfully made the payment. The beneficiary can check his/her account.

June Bills

for electricity bills issued in June 2022 and regarding the winter consumption period, the government is proceeding to extend the measure also for the bills which have been issued in June.

Based on the applications that have already been submitted to the Power Pass platform and without the need to submit a new application, the data for the bills issued in June will be received from the energy providers in the next period.

June accounts will be linked to main residence and student residence declarations already declared by beneficiaries.

Over 2.9 million applications, 1.9 million cleared

A total of 2,952,778 applications have been submitted, concerning 2,530,597 natural persons. It is noted that a beneficiary had the right to apply in addition to the main residence for a rented residence for a dependent child studying in the country.

Of the 2.5 million natural persons, rebates notices are posted immediately for approximately 1.9 million and which are expected to be paid tomorrow, Friday, with the amount amounting to approximately 230 million euros.

For the rest of the natural persons, the verification of the data continues and those of them who are beneficiaries are expected to be paid next week, after the issuance of the relevant information clearances. It is recalled that a necessary condition for receiving the aid is that the total increase in electricity bills issued within the reference period exceeds 30 euros.

Based on the data, so far, it is estimated that the total amount of extraordinary financial assistance for the bills issued in the period from December 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022, amounts to approximately 260 million euros.

sources: cnngreece, KTG

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  1. How is it possible to appeal the amount due?

    I have 3 bills in the relevant period. The analyses for the first 2 bills are exactly correct. The figures used on the third analysis of the May bill, however, are completely different from the figures on my bill:

    Amount of adjustment clause – Analysis €132.13 – Bill €247.78
    Discount amount 1 – Analysis – €121.00 – Bill -€175.29
    Discount amount 2 – Analysis – €16.73 – Bill -€32.73
    Calculation of discount – Analysis 0.6x(132.13-121.00-16.73) = -€3.35, i.e. I owe them money for this period
    Calculation of discount – Bill 0.6x(247.78-175.29-32.73) = €23.86

    Overall according to my bills they owe me €72.74 but according to their analysis they only owe me €45.54.

  2. I just get kicked back to the main page after inputting my Taxisnet details so I can’t check the status of my application.