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Turkey determined to continue airspace violations and overflights in Greece

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu indicated on Thursday that even if the United States sets conditions for Turkey’s acquisition of F-16 fighter jets, Ankara will continue to violate Greece’s airspace with overflights, as he claimed that there are many islands of “disputed sovereignty” in the Aegean.

His remarks entailed that Turkey will not apply any conditions or restrictions set by the US on the issue of the sale of the F-16s.

In an interview with state-run TRT Haber television, Cavusoglu referred to the Turkish government’s attempt to buy the fighters, stressing that it will not accept any strings attached.

“It is not possible to say ‘yes’ to a method that will tie our hands. So, after all, what does it say? Airspace of Greece. What do you mean by ‘Greek airspace’?” he said, adding that Turkey’s response to what Greece calls its airspace is that there are islands and islets whose sovereignty status has not been determined.

He also expressed his annoyance at US Congress members of Greek origin who are lobbying against his country. “[Kyriakos] Mitsotakis himself has already lobbied over the  F-16s in his speech [to Congress],” he said in reference to the Greek prime minister’s visit to Washington in May.

Cavusoglu also hinted that violations of Greek airspace would continue, saying that “with 6 miles of territorial waters, they [Greece] claim 10 miles of airspace.” “There is no question of not using those 4 miles,” he stressed. [kathimerini]

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  1. No one but a Turkey seeking to pirate disputes borders.

    Are these clowns even aware that Greece can legally extend its international borders to 12 miles any time it likes in accordance to international law.

    These brainless barbarians can not be taken seriously.

    • Except Turkey is not a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and so does not feel bound by it. Despite that it does claim a 12 mile limit everywhere around its coastline except in the Aegean as does Greece. Having cake and eating it springs to mind?

      It is also worth noting that the Casus Belli declared by the Turkish government in 1995 is still in force so if Greece does exert its legal right to extend its territorial waters in the Aegean it is immediately at war with Turkey. Not a step to be taken lightly?

      Turkey’s claim that jurisdiction over eastern Aegean islands is a matter of dispute has no foundation. In the original French text, the Treaty of Lausanne provisioned that all the islands, islets and other territories in the “Eastern Mediterranean” beyond three miles from the Turkish shores were ceded to Greece, with a few very specific exceptions. Turkey is a signatory to that treaty. Erdoğan may not like the terms of the treaty but it is legally binding on all parties and is only disputed by him. Subsequent texts changed “Eastern Mediterranean” to “Aegean Sea” but it is the original text that is the legally binding treaty. Erdoğan might claim that Gavdos, for example, and other islands are not covered because they are in the Libyan Sea, not the Aegean, but they are clearly in the Eastern Mediterranean and so ar Greek territory.

  2. They have already embarrassed themselves at the border, in the seas and in the skies.

    Heaven help them should they dare attempt to pirate Greek territory, a peaceful, democratic nation that is not only capable alone as a strong deterrent but has many powerful friends.

    Let these primitive Nancies hiss and spit all they like, they will never steal one inch of Greek territory regardless of their insane and unlawful aspirations.