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Turkish F-16 and other aircraft violate Greece’s airspace 52 times

Turkish fighter jets and unmanned aerial vehicles violated the Air Traffic Rules in the Athens FIR and the national airspace of Greece a total of 52 times on Wednesday.

According to a statement issued by the Greek General Staff, 18 Turkish F-16 fighter jets, ATR-72 anti-submarine warfare vessels and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) carried out 12 violations and a total of 52 violations in the North-East, Central and South-East Aegean Sea.

Of the 18 Turkish aircraft, 3 were armed, while no engagement with Greek fighter jets occurred.

As notified by GEETHA “the above A/Fs were recognized and intercepted in accordance with international rules, according to standard practice”.

Activity of the Turkish aircraft in Greek airspace:


FORMATIONS : 6 (5×2 F-16 and 1×3 F-16)

INDIVIDUAL : 5 (2 ATR-72, 3 UAV)

TOTAL A/F : 18



VIOLATIONS : 52 (16 by UAVs, 28 by ATR-72s, 8 by F-16s)


AREA: North-East, Central and South-East Aegean Sea.

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  1. …and Germany is too financially tight with Turkey for their own interest to say this is NOT OKAY.
    EU should do something!! But why … They only care about themselves.
    Like with how Germany got so dependant on russian gas, they now demand all other countries to reduce their consumption to save Germany.
    I don’t have a problem with the people, but politics and stupid minds.

    • I do. I am German and – believe me – there are democratic elections and there certainly is no fake shit involved. Germany is not Afghanistan. So, as a result I have to say: the german politic is fully backed by the people itself. If you can spare some minutes go to

      Have a look at what was considered the most important and best recepted politicians from the German point of view.. For YEARS it was Merkel and Schäuble. Kani Klick? These guys were elected, and elected again and again. Greeks unfortunately these days are not in the position to complain about other governments shamelessness. (bath-shorts) And also this is heritage of Schäuble. He and his propaganda made the greek spring go nuts under Tipras and made this misery you are in now possible in the first place. Conclusion: I have a problem with Germans electing these people. And there are an overwhelmingly big deal of. Unfortunately. That’s why we have to name it. Most Germans are right. Many Greeks now are right. Europe getting right. Situation getting worse. The left can not afford not to see the reality.

  2. We read this kind of entry daily in Greek media, 365 days a year. And so, what are the consequences exactly? I remember Imia/Kardak in 96, the Greek helicopter shot down, the threats made by the Greek government, only to back down and change the story explaining that actually the shot down chopper had fallen from the sky due to technical issue… Also, Turkey doesn’t recognize the delimitation of the Aegean resulting from the Treaties of Lausanne and Paris (when the Dodecanese was ceded to the Greek state) forced upon them and certainly never will, what will Greece do about it when Turkey will finally grab what they consider to belong to them? History is not linear and the border delimitations evolve constantly according to who is the strongest to back their claims with military and/or diplomatic power.

  3. International law is greater than some dictator seeking to pirate Greek territory.

    Never mind just Greece, he should be more concerned about French and US jets finally violating his airspace some day.

    He already backtracked his veto in fear of losing NATO when worst can await this terrorist dictator who plays the west against its adversary. If the next leader proves as bad, you can bet that the gloves will finally come off.