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Updated Covid-vaccines in 2 phases; no new restrictive measures

The supply of the new, updated vaccines against Covid-19 will take place in two phases until the end of the year,  Greece’s health minister Thanos Plevris said on Thursday.

Initially, the updated vaccines for the Omicron mutation are expected, followed by the even more updated ones for sub-variants 4 and 5, the minister told Skai TV.

According to Plevris, the pharmaceutical companies have already submitted their files and their approval will follow.

“From October onward we hope that the new vaccines will be available,” he said.

He added that those belonging to vulnerable groups should not wait and reiterated that there is a recommendation for these groups and for citizens over 60 to proceed to the fourth dose (2nd booster shot) with the existing vaccines.

Regarding possible restriction in autumn, for the case of a new wave of coronavirus, the minister said “we do not intend to return to restrictive measures.”

He spoke of recommendations rather than compulsory measures, such as the recommendation to use a mask in indoor spaces.

As neither the government nor the Health Ministry are planning to strengthen the national health care system, Minister Plevris said  that there are meetings with private clinics in order to allocate simple beds for the management of Covid cases.

He added that the last wave of the pandemic showed that there is no pressure on ICU beds but on ordinary beds and that therefore the model that all Covid-19 hospitalizations are in the public system can change.

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  1. So pensioners without an up to date vaccination will only be recommended to give their government €100 per month? That’s a very kind government.