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78 Turkish violations of Greek airspace on a single day

A barrage of Greek airspace violations by Turkish fighter jets: 78 violations, 8 “dog fights” and 2 overflights on a single day.

Of the 27 Turkish aircraft that flew over the Aegean Sea, 15 were armed, the Greek General Staff said on Tuesday.

23 of the 27 in total were fighter jests: 2 F-4 and 21 F-16. Four were surveillance aircraft.

The Turkish aircraft operated in the North-East, the Central and the South-East Aegean Sea and carried out also two overflights.

Two pairs of Turkish F-16 entered the Athens FIR without filing a flight plan and violated the national airspace.

The first Turkish pair flew over Divounia, northwest of Kasos-Karpathos, at 27,000 feet at 10:57 am. Three minutes later the second pair of Turkish F-16s flew over Kamilonisi, northwest of Kasos-Karpathos, also at 27,000 feet.

During the day, Turkish aircraft conducted 20 violations of air traffic rules in the Athens FIR.

According to General Staff, the Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules and  according to standard practice.

The Foreign Ministry in Athens submitted a protest note to Ankara about the violations of the airspace.

Turkey escalated its tension and provocation while Greece’s Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense KYSEA was meeting in Athens with main agenda the guarding of the borders at the Evros river, in North-East, and the extension of the fence to 80 kilometers.

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  1. In other news, Erdogan claims that international law disctates that Russia return Crimea to Ukraine. Much like he should return Cyprus in accordance to international law, let alone constantly antagonizing Greek territory as the greatest threat to regional stability.

    Erdogan patronizes the winner or greatest power to embolden his own agenda thay he is as sure to violate as buying arms from NATOs adversary.

    From economic decisions to military, this untrustworthy and dishonest dictator poses unbelievable and contradictory self serving statements and actions that go beyond the scope of reason or law.