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Brutally abused donkey euthanized; outrage the abuser still free

The donkey that was brutally abused being dragged by a pick-up truck for about one kilometer in Zitsa was euthanized late on Tuesday night. The decision was taken and performed by two equine veterinarians sent to the abuser’s farm by the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation and the Animal Welfare Society KI.DI.ZO of Ioannina.

Speaking to animal issues website, the president of KIDIZO, Eyryxia Krystalli said that on Monday, “the donkey seemed to be better and that his wounds were pink.”

Since Monday, the animal was under treatment with antibiotics, there was hope it could be transferred to a special clinic in Attica to receive treatment even though it had hypothermia and breathing difficulties.

However, the donkey’s health deteriorated on Tuesday.

“The animal was moaning, its wounds were blackened, pus was running, it looked like it was rotting,” Krystalli said.

The Federation vet examined the animal on Tuesday afternoon, after in consultation with the KIPIZO vet and the one of the Regional government, they decided that that was no other way than putting it to sleep and relieved it form the pain and suffering.

The young donkey was filmed to be dragged by the pick-up truck of the deputy mayor of Zita, Epirus, North-Western Greece, on Saturday, August 27.

It was only after the driver realized that he has been filmed by residents of the village Grammeno that he stopped the vehicle and pushed the injured animal at the side of the road, thus later removing it from the spot.

In short time, the footage flooded social media, mainstream media, TV channels and websites and triggered an outcry. KTG reported about it here.

The man first fled and was arrested on Sunday.

He claimed to police and judicial investigators that “the donkey was attacked most probably by a wolf” and he had loaded it on the truck to bring it to the vet. The animal fell on the road and he didn’t realized that, he claimed further.

The alerted KIDIZO needed two days to locate and identify the injured donkey in the man’s farm and provide some treatment.

The donkey had deep injuries on his chest and the whole front side after being dragged for 700 meters on the land road and a big fracture on leg.

Video: the donkey on April 29.

The abuser, who is also a breeder, had taken the animal to his farm and abandoned it there without help.

The 63-year-old man is free on restrictive measures until the trial.

He faces felony charges for animal abuse, he can be punished with up to 50,000 euros and up to 10 years in prison.

Still on Monday, the man was telling reporters that the donkey was fine.

The society is still in outrage that the man is free.

Can you imagine what a slow, cruel death the donkey would have suffered, had the brutal abuse not being filmed, had the case not gained such publicity and the whole incident would have occurred in silence?

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  1. Bless this innocent beautiful animal .I can’t look at the pucs of his pain. So so cruel!!!!!

  2. He should be dragged behind a very slow tractor until he suffers exactly the same horrific ,cruel ,merciless pain and death .
    He is not human…he is a 😈 devil.
    Just because he presumes to be deputy mayor he should have the same punishment as anyone else would…
    Despicable 😈😈😈😈 devil 😈