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110 violations on a single day as Turkey escalates tension in the Aegean

Α barrage of not ten, not twenty but a total of 110 violations of Greek airspace and the FIR Athens were conducted by Turkish fighter jets, UAVs and naval cooperation aircraft on a single day, yesterday, Wednesday.

The airspace and FIR violations as well as 4 overflights were carried out by a total of 20 Turkish fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and naval cooperation aircraft ATR-72.

Four of the 16 Turkish F-16 fighter jets in total were armed.

One engagement with Greek fighter jets was recorded, too.

The 110 violations were carried out by 16 F-16, 2 UAVs and 2 ATR-72 in the North-East, Central and South-East Aegean Sea.

Specifically, the F-16 conducted 48 violations and the UAVs 62, while four of them were overflights.

The overflights  were reportedly carried out by 2 pairs of F-16 and one UAV.over the islands of Agathonisi, Anthropofagoi and Glaros.

According to information provided by the Greek General Staff, the Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules, according to standard practice.

While the hell is going on in the air, the situation on the ground is not any better: Unfounded accusations, blames, claims and threats by Turkish officials against Greece have been going on for weeks on a daily basis as Ankara keeps on escalating tension.

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  1. There better not be any equal distancing lunacy from our NATO happy USA should Athens and Paris finally respond to put an end to these increasingly intolerable provocations.

    This is all the more reason that this dangerous dictator should not be sold arms.