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92 naked migrants collected by Greek authorities at Evros riverbank

Ninety-two naked migrants have been located and collected by Greek authorities and the Fronext in the Greece-Turkey border region of Evros on Friday, the Greek Citizen Protection Ministry said in an announcement on Saturday.

The naked migrants were found by Feres border patrol police officers.

The migrants told Greek authorities that they had been transported to the borderline onboard of three motor vehicles by Turkish authorities, before boarding plastic dinghies to cross the Evros river into Greece, the ministry noted.

The Greek ministry accused Turkey for “inhumane instrumentation of migrants, and of violating both human rights and the International Law.”

The migrants have been provided with clothes and food, the ministry added.

Greece’s Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarakis called on Turkey to investigate the incident.

“Turkey’s behavior towards 92 migrants whom we rescued at the borders is a shame for civilization,” Mitarakis posted on Twitter.

“We expect Ankara to investigate the incident and protect at last, its borders with the EU,” he stressed.

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  1. But did they explain why they were naked? Why would the Turkish government (or anyone who was responsible) take their clothes away? Did any of the migrants explain why that happened? If anything, it just calls more attention to the matter.

    • of course. more explanation is needed.

    • It is pretty straight forward.
      By taking their clothes away you make the matter of taking care of them extremely urgent. You dont have the luxury of thinking it over or keep them away cause they can be harmed from low temperatures.
      It is an upgrade to the last incident that they Turks pushed people in an islet and left them there.

      Added bonus they can and will ALL claim afterwards that Turkey is a hostile country and they need asylum in E.U and cant be returned back.

      Turkey should be stripped of all extra money and funds for the refugee crisis cause they are managing absolutely nothing and you just allowing them to be weaponized and Europe needs to start having TEETH.