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Samos, Dodecanese, Crete: Dangerous weather phenomena warning

Greece’s national emergency line <112> warned residents on the islands of Samos, the Dodecanese and south Crete of dangerous weather phenomena on Sunday and early morning Monday, December 11-12, 2022.

The messages warn of powerful thunderstorms and gale-force winds.

they urge residents to avoid unnecessary travel and to follow instructions by local authorities.

For Samos and Dodecanese, the dangerous weather phenomena are forecast during the afternoon hours of Sunday until the morning hours of Monday, December 11-12.

For south Crete the warning is valid from Sunday noon until early Sunday evening hours.

Southern winds blowing locally in the Aegean Sea with intensity 8 to 9 Beaufort have disrupted sea traffic on Sunday, with ferries to have remained docked at the port of Piraeus and other ports of Attica.

If you plan to travel by sea, please, check with local port authorities and travel agents.

Stormy and rainy weather front GAIA has already caused damages mainly in western Greece, so far.

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One comment

  1. Northern Crete in the Chania area certainly did experience strong storm conditions but not quite as warned. The weather front arrived during Saturday night and there was extremely strong winds and heavy rain during Sunday morning.

    I did receive a reverse 112 warning around mid-day Sunday warning of bad weather coming on Sunday afternoon and into Monday morning. It arrived just as the wind was dying down at the start of a beautiful, calm, sunny afternoon. I realise that “predicting” the weather is very difficult but I would have thought that EMY might have mechanisms in place to tell them that the event they are warning about has already happened? I would imagine that the rest of Crete experienced the event a bit later than Chania but reverse 112 is highly geographically specific, even down to a single mast if necessary, so surely they wouldn’t issue such a warning at the same time to a very wide area?