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Greece investigates Eva Kaili for bribery and money laundering

Τhe Economic Prosecutor’s Office in Greece ordered on Friday a preliminary criminal investigation against MEP Eva Kaili with the aim to investigate whether the crimes of bribing a political person and money laundering or any other ex officio prosecuted crime have been committed.

According to media reports, essential for the investigation in Greece are the court decisions in Belgium.

“Kaili will be investigated for bribery and money laundering in Greece, provided that she is not already being prosecuted in Belgium for the same crimes,” notes new website

Head of Economic Prosecutor’s office Christos Bardakis has reportedly assigned  two of his assistant prosecutors to investigate the verification of the commission by Eva Kaili of the criminal acts of bribing a political person and money laundering, in conjunction with article 57, paragraph 4 of the Criminal Code (on obstruction new criminal prosecution) as well as the investigation of any other offense prosecuted ex officio.

According to media information, based on Bardakis’ order, the two assistant prosecutors will immediately request from the Belgian judicial authorities, through judicial assistance, in cooperation with the national member of Eurojust for Greece, copies of the case file that has been filed so far for the MEP as well as the relevant certificate for the procedural course of the investigation.

As provided for in Article 57 paragraph 4 “the Public Prosecutor may refrain from prosecuting a specific person, if, after conducting European judicial assistance, it emerges that a prosecution has already been brought against the same person for the same facts by another European Union member country.”

44-year-old Eva Kaili remains in custody in a prison in Brussels until December 22, where she will attend the hearing at the First Instance Tribunal that will decide whether to remand custody or release her on conditions.

Iphigenia in Brussels

Meanwhile, her lawyer in Greece, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, keeps reiterating that she is innocent, she was not aware of the money in her home that was meant for a third [unknown] person.

“I won’t be Iphigenia,” Kaili stated through her lawyer with reference to King Agamemnon daughter who was sacrificed after the King offended goddess Artemis and the ships could not set sail for Troja.

The narrative is more or less: Her partner had ‘stored’ the bags with €750,000 in cash.  When she discovered the money, she told her partner to remove it, he called her father but the police was quick and caught them.

PS ancient Greek Tragedy is alive and kicking…

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