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48% of Greeks hesitate to approve EU’s backing for Ukraine (POLL)

Deviating from the general mood in Europe, a large number of Greeks hesitate to declare their approval of the European Union’s backing for Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

In the relevant question of the Parliament’s Eurobarometer for autumn 2022, a majority of citizens in the 24 member-states approve of the position taken by the EU, with the exception of Slovakia, Bulgaria and Greece, which have the lowest percentages (49%, 48% and 48% respectively).

The highest levels are recorded in Sweden (97%), Finland (95%), the Netherlands (93%), Portugal (92%) and Denmark (92%).

The same survey showed that three quarters of European citizens (73%) agree with the specific measures taken by the EU, namely sanctions against the Russian government, as well as economic, military and humanitarian support to Ukraine. Again, Greece is at the bottom of the ranking, with only 46%.

How about you? do you agree with EU’s backing for Ukraine?

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  1. Unbelievable the amount of black hearted cowards there are in Europe supporting putin, diabolical heathens no balls no grit .

  2. Maybe those weak kneed pacifists would think again if it was Turkey firing missiles at them and smashing up their country….they would soon be screaming for Europes help !!