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Five minors remanded in custody for gang rape of 15-year-old

Two minors, members of a gang of minors who allegedly sexually abused a 15-year old boy in Ilion, east Athens, have been remanded in custody on Tuesday after they testified to the juvenile investigator.

The number of minors in custody for the systematic gang rape rises to five, as another three minors were remanded in custody after their depositions on Saturday, on the Christmas Eve.

One more minor has been released under conditions as he was under 15 years-old.

Those in custody are 15-16 years old.

In addition, authorities have identified two more minors who are at large, while one of them has most probably fled to his home country, Albania, media report. According to the victim, this said boy appears to have played an important role in the crime.

State broadcaster ERT reported on Tuesday evening that two more arrest warrants are due.

Citing sources, media reported that according to the victim’s testimony, more minors are involved in the case among them also four girls that, allegedly, were present in the location where the crime repeatedly took place, however, without having an active role while they did not even try to prevent the crime.

Police has reportedly questioned also the four girls, aged 14-15.

The suspects claimed that there was no violence, that they were sexually experimenting shifting roles every time and that the whole was a joke. However, some slogans shouted during the rape videos reportedly dismiss the claim of ‘experiment among teenagers,’ and display features of a gang collective action.

The crime reportedly took place four times in an abandoned house in Ilion area in the months of November and December, where the gang of minors had also set a makeshift living room..

Ultimately the victim broke down and told his parents about the torture he was suffering by the gang.

The victim told police that the perpetrators were filming the crime and were distributing the videos among themselves.

Both the gang members and the victim were attending the same school.

Daily ethnos reported that using their social media profiles, the underage perpetrators tried to build a profile of wild and unscrupulous teenagers and behaved like gang members.

One picture shows a minor holding a gun, while other had posted also pictures of drugs.

The mobile phones of all the accused have been taken to the Police has seized the defendants mobile phones, while forensic laboratories examine whether they exchanged messages with each other in which they referred to the subject of rape.

Citing police officers who checked the rape on videos media described the footage as “shocking.”

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