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Trikala: First city in Europe to use “delivery droids”

The city of Trikala in central Greece will be the first ever in Europe to pilot the use of fully automated ‘delivery droids’.

The first task of the delivery droids started at the “Elves’ Mill”, delivering letters written by children from the Elves’ Post Office to “Father Christmas”.

Their next task will be to negotiate the pedestrianized road of Asklipiou in the city center to deliver mail, newspapers and small packages from suppliers to local shops.

According to Trikala municipality, the “droids” are trained through the use of lasers and a charted route to not only move along a preset route but also to recognize obstacles in their path, modifying their movements according to the movement of pedestrians, bicycles and other unpredictable factors they may encounter.

The aim of the pilot project is to test whether they can be used as a solution for the transportation of goods in city centers, taking into account traffic, time, electrical load and other technical data.

Similar droids are already used inside controlled, indoor spaces and the aim is to see whether they can be used in a normal urban environment with many unpredictable factors.

The pilot project has been launched in the collaboration of e-Trikala, the University Research Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (EPISEY) and the University of Geneva within the European programme SHOW.

The delivery robots are constructed by the Italian firm YAPE.

Worth noting that Trikala is the flagship of smart cities in Greece.

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  1. From your link:

    “Trikala is also becoming the first “5G-Ready city”. How this will improve the lives of citizens?”

    1. It will enable residents and visitors to be more closely observed (for their safety).
    2. Super-fast speed to e.g. see a movie. That will be needed due to 5G’s negative interference with how oxygen works in the (current) human body i.e. see the movie in case oxygen interference prevents later viewing 🙂

    The delivery robots are a test bed for the “15 minute cities” – those cities are openly desired and promoted by the World Economic Forum.

    In the UK these poor robots have been falling over everywhere but luckily kindly souls have heard their AI cries for help and picked them up and sent them on their merry way.