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Greece’s power rates among Europe’s highest

Greece remained among the most expensive wholesale electricity markets in Europe in 2022, a year when the average price of electricity increased by 141% compared to 2021.

In the same year, the cost of natural gas imports more than doubled compared to 2021, while it almost quintupled compared to 2018.

In particular, according to the annual energy analysis report of the Institute of Energy for Southeast Europe (IENE), the average wholesale price of electricity in Greece stood at 279.39 euros per megawatt-hour, compared to €116.02/MWh in 2021.

Greece, according to the data for 2022 processed by Kathimerini, was the third most expensive market in Europe, behind Italy with a price of €304.17/MWh and Switzerland with €282.43 MWh.

The average megawatt-hour price in Greece deviates significantly even from the wholesale market of interconnected Bulgaria (€253.83/MWh) and much more from the German market (€236.11/MWh) and is far from the Northern European markets that enjoy the lowest prices, with the rate in Sweden at an extremely low level of €59.21/MWh and Norway at €192/MWh. [kathimerini]

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  1. All the wind turbines and solar panel’s all over the island I live on aren’t doing a fat lot of good then, tricked……..,again

    • you must have misunderstood the purpose of those turbines. their job is to direct subsidy money into politically connected pockets, and they’re doing brilliantly at that!