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Menendez praises Alexandroupolis as “major defense and energy hub”

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez called the East Mediterranean as a “promising region” during the 1st East Macedonia & Thrace Forum in Alexandroupoli, examining the role of the region in upgrading Greece’s geopolitical footprint.

In a video message, he highlighted the prospects of the region despite the challenges posed by the changing geopolitical landscape, the threat of climate change, the need for energy security and dangerous leaders in Turkey and Russia.

He also noted the participation of many distinguished academics, thinkers and business leaders in the forum, while highlighting the critical role of Alexandroupoli. It serves, he said, as a major defense hub for the US and NATO and is also becoming an energy hub with a new LNG facility

He also noted Greece’s willingness to lead by example in energy is not only moral leadership but also makes perfect economic sense.

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