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Turkish state TV crew detained in Northern Greece

A crew of Turkish state TRT broadcaster was briefly detained in the city of Alexandroupolis, Northern Greece, late Saturday. A cameraman, a reporter and a transportation officer were detained and held in a police station for three hours before they were released. The group had some test shootings in the …

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Replicas of “Nike of Samothrace” to be placed in Northern Greece

Two exact replicas of “Nike of Samothrace”, the ancient marble sculpture of Greek goddess Nike, will soon be placed on the island of Samothrace – where it was found –  as well as in the town of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece. The original sculpture is considered as “the masterpiece of Hellenistic …

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Greek police arrests Syrian refugee over suspected ISIS links

Greek police arrested a 32-year-old Syrian refugee in the northeastern Greek city of Alexandroupolis over suspected links with terrorist group ISIS, police said Friday. The man was arrested a day earlier after his wife filed a complaint over domestic abuse. She also told authorities that her husband was an ISIS …

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Revival of the Silk Road can boost Greece’s tourism industry

The Silk Road. Two words that always had a magic attraction on me. I am not sure when I first heard about it. Possible in the last years of the elementary school. Most likely I had also seen some pictures or rather paintings in encyclopedias and historical comic books we …

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UPD2 Three heavily armed Britons arrested near Greek-Turkish Border

Three men, holders of British passports, were arrested in the town of Alexandroupolis near the Greek-Turkish border on Saturday. All three suspects were reportedly heavily armed and two trailers they were driving were transporting dozens of weapons and thousands of bullets. Bullets & firearms hidden in the two trailers – …

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