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Patras: Tampered drinks send 18 teenagers to hospitals, dozens sick at home

Eighteen school students have been rushed to hospitals in the city of Patras, western Peloponnese, in the past few days after drinking adulterated alcohol, local authorities have announced.

Doctors informed the police about the incidents who in turn notified the local prosecutor. No details were provided about the exact content of these drinks.

Parents of teenagers, aged 16 and 17, complained to local newspaper peloponnisos that some bars in the city not only allow underage school children to enter the facilities but they also serve them with alcoholic drinks that have been adultarated.

“Our boy had money only for one drink and a sandwich, and ended up vomiting all night,” a mother told the daily.

Dozens of school children have been vomiting at home, while several teenagers had to go to the hospital.

Many of the victims were visitors for a carnival party in a club in Patras last Saturday.

“Our children had money for one drink only. They didn’t consume a lot of drinks to justify their condition,” one mother said adding that one of her son’s classmates ended up in hospital.

“Absurdity, shame!” another mother whose child vomited and despite of having only one drink too.

“We had given them money for only one to avoid that they get drunk,” another mother said.

Parents of minors wonder how it is possible to give alcohol to 15- and 16-year-old school children and in addition adulterated drinks that can even cause blindness

Daily “Peloponnisos” had revealed 2 months ago that in a certain club of Patras, minors -even 12-year-olds- are not only allowed to enter, but, after consultation and some form of a “password”, a person from the store offers them alcohol outside the club WC.  At the bar, they pick up orange juice or coca cola and then outside the toilet they get the dubious quality drink.

The party on Saturday, however, was in another club of the city.

Parents demand immediate control checks on the quality of alcoholic beverages and also to impose the smoking ban.

Prosecutor intervenes

Given the high number of sick teenagers, the prosecutor will investigate who handed alcoholic beverages to minors and whether parties are being organized in Patras ahead of the annual Carnival Parade on upcoming weekend that could pose serious health risks to underage visitors.

Local authorities have also been told to conduct checks in local bars and clubs as the city is expected to welcome thousands of visitors this weekend – including students.

According to a law passed last year, a bar selling adulterated alcohol is sealed for a period of 10 to 30 days, while the details of the offenders are made public to prevent them from committing new related offenses.

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