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Which stores are open on Clean Monday, Feb 27

Clean Monday in Greece is a holiday for some but not for all. Some shops and businesses will operate on February 27, 2023  as provided by the relevant legislation, while others including retail stores and public services will not.

Majority of supermarkets are closed or work until 2:00 p.m. but better check locally.

Open on Clean Monday are: small food stores, bakeries, small groceries, wineries, catering shops of all kinds, canteens, nuts shops, small markets (mini markets), photo studios, entertainment centers, hotels, patisseries, dairies, florists, gas stations, kiosks, shops and facilities operating in the Central Markets.

Traditional Clean Monday table that marks the beginning of the Great lent before Easter, is full of seafood, salads ans various dips, traditional lagana bread, with many items Greeks love to purchase fresh on Monday morning.

An attraction in Athens Central fish Market starts late on sunday evening, when the market opens and people queue to buy all fresh seafood for the lunch table next day. Worth visiting unless you’re claustrophobic …

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