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More than 600 people treated for alcohol, drugs in Patras Carnival

Over 600 people had to receive medical treatment in the western port city Patras over the three-day Carnival weekend as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, use of substances, minor injuries, respiratory problems and panic attacks, regional health authorities reported on Tuesday.

More than 300 incidents were recorded on Sunday night alone, while only four people were in need of further hospitalization.

According to data provided by the head of Patras’ sixth health district, Yiannis Karvelis:

⦁ In the two hospitals, “Agios Andreas” and the University Hospital of Patras, a total of over 400 cases passed through the Emergency Departments. The cases were not only from the carnival, even though carnival cases had to do with substance and alcohol use, minor injuries etc.

⦁ In particular, on Sunday night, 15 cases were transferred to the surgical intensive care unit of “Agios Andreas” and the same number, on the same day, to the surgical intensive care unit of the University hospital.

⦁ Hospital admissions were very limited as they did not exceed four.

Karvelis stressed that emergency services, hospitals and ambulances were on alert as roughly 200,000 Carnival goers from all over Greece participated in the Patras festivities that resumed after a 3-year break due to coronavirus pandemic.

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