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American couple missing in Peloponnese found dead

The elderly American couple, David and Lucretia Robinson, missing in Methoni, south Peloponnese, was found dead on Friday. Their bodies and their car were located in a ravine 200 meters deep on the Taygetos mountain.

According to local media, the bodies were outside the vehicle, some 80 meters away from each other. The woman’s body had bites marks by wild animals.

David and Lucretia Robinson went missing from their home in Methoni on January 23. The couple has been living in Greece in the last years.

After they went missing, police launched a search operation in which also volunteers participated.

A Silver Alert was issued.

The couple’s daughter who lives in the USA had claimed that her parents had committed suicide.


The couple’s blue car was spotted in the ravine early Friday, authorities scanned the area with a drone before they set to retrieve the couple.

Firefighters, rescuers and police rushed to the spot only to find the bodies of the Robinson’s couple.


An autopsy is due to determine the exact causes as well as the time of their death.


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