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Greece public, private sector unions declare another 24h strike

Public and private sector unions ADEDY and GSEE have announced another 24-hour nationwide strike on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

The strike aims to demand justice for the victims of the train collision on February 28, no cover-up and immediate measures for safe transport.

With an unanimous decision, the 38th Congress of the GSEE decided to declare a nationwide strike on Thursday, March 16.

“The Congress accepts the framework of the demands of the Panhellenic Railway Federation and calls on the workers to “become a fist with all the youth and people who are resisting,: GSEE said in a statement. GSEE did not join the 24-hour strike on March 8 because it was preparing the Congress scheduled to start a day later.

In a statement, ADEDY urged civil servants to unite their voice with the private sector workers and demands:

· to bring to the surface the real culprits of the crime of Tempi and to attribute the responsibilities to the culprits.

· to stop the policy of privatization, commercialization and the operation of public services with private economic criteria, to stop treating the protection of work and life as a cost.

The crime of Tempi will not be covered up.

We claim the life we deserve, life with modern rights, a better future for us and our children, ADEDY statement concluded.

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