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Greece and Israel sign Defense Cooperation Program 2023

Greece and Israel signed the 2023 Defense Cooperation Program in a meeting in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS) announced.

On Greece’s side, the program was signed by HNDGS’s Director of International Relations Brigadier General Nikolaos Holevas, and from Israel by Colonel Gil Dolov, the Head of the International Cooperation Department of the General Staff of the country’s Armed Forces.

The program includes 58 activities, of which 25 are joint exercises, 15 are joint trainings and 18 others that will take place in both countries. They activities include participation in cross-branch exercises, corresponding to the individual Branches of the Armed Forces, joint training of Special Forces and Special Operations Forces, participation of trainees in national-interdisciplinary schools and multinational schools, as well as in seminars and staff meetings and conversations on matters of mutual interest.

There will also be joint training courses in Crisis Management, Electronic Warfare, as well as Search and Rescue.

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