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17-year-old stabs, seriously injures his mother in south Athens

A 17-year-old boy stabbed his mother and went to the street half-naked shouting “I killed them all!” The 45-year-old mother was found seriously injured in the family apartment and was transferred with an ambulance in a hospital in Athens.

Citing preliminary information by the Police media reported that the teenager  injured his mother with a sharp object. Immediately after, he went out half-naked on Plastira Street in Nea Smyrni suburb of south Athens and shouted in a rage “I killed them all”.

The 17-year-old is been held at the local police station.

Neighbors told media report that the 17-year-old has been suffering from serious psychiatric problems and that they had called a children charity so that the boy will get help.

“The child had several problems. The mother had problems too. I had also called the [charity] and said ‘there is this child and come see him’. No one came to see it. I expected something to happen at some point. This morning, the child came downstairs naked, covered in blood, he was wearing a tank top, naked from the waist down. And he was shouting that ‘I killed the demons’ a neighbor told

Another neighbor said that mother and son were always together, that she had seen them in the church the previous day and that “everything seemed fine.”

others said that mother and son were arguing very frequently. “I was expecting that something would happen one day,” a third neighbor said.

Nobody mentioned the presence of a father in the family.

According to latest information by Skai TV, the mother has serious head injuries.

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