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Unemployment in Greece rises to 11.4% in February

Greece’s jobless rate stood at 11.4% in February, up from a downwardly revised 10.3% in January, data from statistics service ELSTAT showed on Friday.

Seasonally adjusted data showed 526,742 people were officially unemployed, with those under the age of 24 the hardest hit.

Unemployment was more widely spread among women than men, with the rates at 15.8% and 7.8%, respectively.

The Greek government expects the jobless rate to ease to 12.6% in 2023 from 12.7% in 2022, with the economy seen growing by 1.8%. [AP]

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  1. anyone who’s actually been looking for work knows that it’s a lot worse than 11%. yes, you can find work – but the pay might be barely enough to eat, maybe you have to skip some meals to keep up with rent, and the conditions are rubbish. a lot of people hold out thinking theyll find something better.. but it’s overwhelmingly a buyer’s market and labor has no negotiating power whatsoever. even if you do get work, boss will screw you over day after day and , what you gonna do, find another job elsewhere? he knows youve got very few choices.

    i do wonder what exactly is the definition they use for ‘unemployed’ though?

    • Sad to say that is why so many young people leave, most of them with no intention of returning. What is here for them?