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White tiger cub to be euthanized: health conditions irreversible

The abandoned white tiger cub will be euthanized according to a decision by a committee of 12 veterinarians in Greece and following recommendations also from abroad.

Its health condition is irreversible and the animal suffers every day.

The 4-month old female cub was abandoned under a garbage bin outside the Attica Zoological Park in Spata beginning of March.

She was paralyzed from the waste downward and screening showed she had a blade and an nail put in one of her legs apparently in a dubious operation.

The cub is believed to be a victim of illegal wildlife trade and that the traders or someone who bought her could not cope with her health condition.

The white tiger cub has been treated in the Park ever since and the staff named her “Haseya” meaning “Rise up” among the Navajo people.

The cub is suffering from an incurable bones disease, while screening has reportedly revealed 33 fractures that make breathing very painful,

Therefore, according to the 12-member team of veterinarians who undertook it under the coordination of the Ministry of Health, taking into account the opinions of their colleagues from abroad, the appropriate solution is to euthanize immediately.

According to information from the Attica Zoological Park, the conclusion of the veterinarians leaves no room for doubt.

At the same time, the president of the animal welfare organization “NEMESSIS”, Natassa Bombolaki, emphasizes in her post:

“We are all shocked and deeply saddened. We have now contacted Nikos Bokaris, the executive of the Forestry Directorate who has been assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to handle the case of Haseya .

All experts are concerned at this difficult times that Haseyaa does not suffer any more.

Characteristically, Mr. Bokaris told us: “With 33 fractures all over her body, every breath she takes is an unbearable pain. Haseya’s redemption from her torment must be done ‘yesterday’.

♦️ Characteristically, Mr. Bokaris told us.
“With 33 fractures all over her body, every breath she takes is excruciating pain.”
Haseya’s redemption from her torment must take place “yesterday”.
Self-centered and irresponsible views do not belong in a true animal lover.
♦️Mr. Bokaris’ proposal will be to then remove the blade or the nail in her leg at the department of the Veterinary School of Thessaly maybe they will be able to draw conclusions about who is behind this tragic story of Haseya.
♦️The official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also agreed that the legacy left by the little tiger is to find the criminals and to crack down on the illegal wildlife tradein our country.
♦️That’s where we all have to focus now for the sake of this soul, which has always suffered from the unscrupulous traders.
♦️We are informed that there is a lot of talk on the internet about whether or not the young animal suffered a seizure.
Yes, he suffered, just like Mr. Bokaris just confirmed to us and also our doctor in the 12th member.
♦️But what does it really matter if he suffered or not?
We are truly saddened by the level at which this discussion is taking place on the internet.
♦️Otherwise we should all focus our thinking.

Nemesis – Panhellenic Federation for the environment, animals, hunting.

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  1. The tiger is paralyzed from her WAIST down not WASTE down.