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Athens Great Walk mayor removes palm trees to replace them with plane trees

Early Holy Monday morning teams of Athens Municipality started to remove the palm trees from Panepistimiou Avenue in the city center, planted in large planters three years ago.

A total of 22 palm trees are to be removed in the next three days and relocated in a special area of Goudi district of Athens. The troubled palm trees will remain there over an unknown period of time and then be distributed and planted in various neighborhoods of the Greek capital.

worth noting that the cost of the 22 palm trees was 2 million euros and in the context of the ambitious plan of the Athens Mayor, Costas Bakoyiannis: The Great Athens Walk that turned up into a big failure as the mayor himself has declared.

Δήμος Αθηναίων: Απομακρύνουν τους φοίνικες από την οδό Πανεπιστημίου - Τι  έχει συμβεί με τον Μεγάλο Περίπατο | Έθνος

The Mayor’s next challenging plan is to replace the palm trees in Panepistimiou Avenue with 82 plane trees! Yes, these trees that grow up to be huge, with roots known to bring pavements into “explosion”, not to mention the volumes of water they need – especially when one recalls that the Mayor was desperately seeking sponsors for watering some other plants in the same avenue and that the watering was not integrated in the original plan.

Until Mayor Bakoyiannis is ready with his “Athens Playmobil City”, residents and drivers through one of the busiest avenues in the city will curse every day they have to pass through endless traffic jam.


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  1. It’s time to stop complaining about your right to drive your car through the center of the capital, rather than it being pedestrianized. Get the Metro to get to your coffee or even work appointment for that matter.

    It’s time our streets are devoted to being livable rather than a car park for lazy people who still haven’t realized public transport exists. The people who live around there? if they are stuck in traffic all day for taking their cars to their coffee appointment, it is their problem.

    They have no more right than me or my children to enjoy the center of Athens without being full of main roads and cars parked everywhere. Most major cities in europe restrict cars in the center, so get with it, its time.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you can take your children to the National Garden or you want to go just shopping with them

      • If you feel that way, why do we need the Acropolis walk then? why not just reopen it as a traffic throughfare and classic place for illegal parking, that’s more convenient for the residents and drivers from all over, no? or was that somehow a good idea?

        After all I can just take my children to the national garden and go shopping on Ermou.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          you can walk all the way NatGarden to Ermou thst is pedestrian zones. why do you also need Panepistimiou, the only road leading to certain suburbs? BTW if I want to go to Omonia, I need at least 1 Bus/Tram to reach the metro, change Metro in Syntagma, get another one for Omonia. is this convenient?

          • not really pedestrianized, there are 2 main arterial roads between national gardens and Ermou. Anyway Panepistimiou is a ‘stroad’ it is arterial road through the center, (you can’t stop there, you use it to pass through the center. That is not ideal, panepistimou should be a pedestrian area like ermou, after that, shops etc would open, maybe even add a tram, you have to start somewhere, no? surely you don’t believe that we need main arterial road through the center of the city. I mean declogging cities of cars is happening all over europe and the world.

            Lastly, Platanos gives more shade than those palm trees, it was done at niarchos and no one complained about the roots of the platanos tearing up the pond :p

          • keeptalkinggreece

            ‘declogging cities of cars’ needs first of all good public transport system. the rest is just blah blah

        • keeptalkinggreece

          the Acropolis walk is a fail, (so the mayor himself) and has cars struck in traffic jams for hours on 2 main avenues in downtown.

  2. Athens is an extremely vehicle-centric city, especially for Europe. Walking there is very dangerous. Good luck making changes, because real change will require a lot more cooperation and objective assessment than Athenians are capable of. Too bad, because, given the geography, Athens could be a very pleasant city.