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DNA sample for non-neutered pets now “a must” in Greece

Dog and cat owners who do not want to have their pets neutered must provide a DNA sample to the Academy of Athens’ specialized laboratory, according to a circular issued by the Interior Ministry.

In a circular signed off by Deputy Interior Minister Stelios Petsas, the ministry provides an alternative solution to the requirement of a 2021 law mandating the neutering of all companion pets, to restrict the uncontrollable breeding of abandoned pets.

The directive will allow authorities to trace the owners of abandoned or abused pets and those who abandoned or killed newly born kittens and puppies.

The DNA test is supposed to trace owners of  abandoned or abused pets and those who abandoned or killed new born kittens and puppies.

According to a legislation no neutered pets are allowed to give birth only one time.

The collection of the genetic material will be carried out exclusively by a certified veterinarian, through blood sampling (0.5-2 ml) or, if this is not possible, the collection of cells from the inside of the animal’s cheek extracted using special Teflon stylets.

The procedure costs 150 euros in total: 135 euros per pet, to be paid online at, with an additional 15 euros to be paid to the veterinarian for the collection of genetic material.

Excepted are dogs bred solely for animal herding (sheepdogs).

A fine of €1,000 will be imposed on owners who fail to perform one of the two procedures (neutering or providing genetic material).

Animal issued website points out that there is no platform for the DNA data base and wonders who will perform the relevant controls regarding also the once per lifetime pregnancy of a non-neutered pet.

It also criticizes the fact of letting sheepdogs out of the circular, when everybody know that majority of such breeders do not provide their dogs with the essential such as vaccination, medical care etc.

It also recalls that despite the fact that municipalities are funded each year with 2 million euros in total for neutering, microchip free of charge for vulnerable  pet owners, establishment of municipality shelters, they just do not do what they are financed for.

PS In the country of “Whatever” last minute government decisions serve only political favors and petty interests, and when they are linked to fines it’s even better for politicians hating the folks they have been elected to serve.


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  1. FFS!

    Have they dropped their proposals regarding private chicken keeping?

  2. Also cats! Too many owners are leaving their “stray” cats and dogs on streets! Even bragging about it on Facebook! And from DNA we can trace kittens and puppies!!!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      trace possible only if owners comply – like some grannies recently in Volos lol

      • No need for “owners” (more like abusers) to comply. There is already 30 000 euro fine for animal abuse!

      • Utter nonsense. Another nod to corruption. The public sector has made Greece a laughing stock, what little earner will they think of next?

    • Who’s going to police this? No one!! Many municipalities fail abysmally in their duty towards animals already.

  3. 4 summers ago I found a plastic bag containing 5 newly born kittens. I was putting a bag of rubbish in a communal bin and heard their distress. I retrieved them, returned home immediately and despite having fresh goats milk none of them survived beyond a few days.

    What are the odds that the vile piece of humanity who threw them away had submitted a blood test to Athens????

    Superficially this nonsense may appear to be relatively benign (plus an extra income stream for vets etc.) but the global collection and storing of genetic material gives pause for thought.