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FM Dendias: “I’d sign an agreement to resolve Greek-Turkish dispute”

Hardly two week before the elections in Greece, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that he would sign an agreement that would resolve the Greek-Turkish dispute.

In an interview with news website, Dendias reiterated the Greek position that there is one and only difference with Turkey, that of the continental shelf.

“Are we going to war with Turkey after all or not?” was the first interview question with Dendias responding:

“Of course, not. A climate has been formed that, regardless of the circumstances, does not allow the neighboring country” to proceed with bold actions, adding that “the situation on the ground after the tragic earthquake in Turkey, is a different situation.”

For the one and only difference between Greece and Turkey: the continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone, Dendias stressed that he does not consider that Turkey’s fixed positions have changed, and underlined that Athens has not deviated from its own fixed positions either and insisted that the one difference between Greece and Turkey is the continental shelf and the EEZ.

Regarding the territorial waters at 12 nautical miles, he emphasizes that it is the sovereign right of both Greece and Turkey.

He stated that he would not hesitate to put his signature “on something that would solve the Greek-Turkish dispute. With one difference, however, that this would serve the national interest and would correspond to the permanent Greek position and attitude.”

And as he said “we are not condemned to always be in a relationship of rivalry with Turkey, nothing imposes it. We can find a solution.”


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