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“Life-changing experience”: Greece’s tourism campaign 2023 (POLL)

Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO/ΕΟΤ) released its tourism season 2023 campaign video with the message “Greece. A life-changing experience.”

The campaign aims to attract the international audience and enhance the demand for vacations in Greece in the current tourism period, GNTO said on Thursday. 

However, the video appears to target rather young low-budget tourists than a broader audience of several age groups.

How does the life of a foreigner change in Greece? For example the life of a young Brit tourist as featured in the campaign, who comes to Greece to enjoy the sun and the sea, but probably lives in a remote village back home without simple joys of life.

According to producers: “What is the taste of a tomato washed in sea water? How does it feel to jump from the highest cliff? Why dance with strangers? Find out here or just…come to Greece, this summer!”

While the film production is well, the content is rather old-fashioned folklore, from the 1970’s early 1980’s maybe, with cliches such as large groups of people dancing to the tune of Zorba the Greek, free beaches that are hardly to find and even dangerous jumping into the sea from high cliffs. And no tomato washed in sea water…

GNTO video: “Greece. A life-changing experience”

The pattern of 2023 tourism campaign is more or less the same as in GNTO 2022  campaign where Austrian national Otto was praising the benefits of visiting and living in Greece.

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PS I’d rather refrain from commenting on The Old Man and the British Mermaid enstantane (snapshot).

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