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Cringe ND Minister: “My agony when father terminal-ill, if he could make it to elections”

New Democracy candidate and deputy minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidou, made an unprecedented, a truly cringe statement on Thursday.

“Ιnstrumentalizing’ a personal tragedy in the worst possible way before the elections, she spoke about her father’s illness stressing that her biggest “agony” towards the terminal-ill man was “whether he would make it to elections.”

Speaking to a life-style magazine, she said smiling:

“When my father fell ill in February 2021, when we realized that his condition is irreversible, my anxiety was whether he would make it to the elections. And in fact I had the anxiety and I said think about him being very sick and before the elections and the good result doesn’t come out. I was doubly anxious, will he manage until the elections? And if he catches them up, think about how disappointed he will be and that his condition will worsen.”

35-year-old Michailidou, the cringiest among the ND ministers, is the same conservative minister who disclosed the identity and location of the 12-year-old sexually abused girl in Kolonos during a speech at the Parliament.

Her father died and missed the chance to listen to the priorities and the agony of his beloved daughter two years before the elections in 2023.

The most cringe minister in Mitsotakis’ cabinet was the minister in charge for the 12-year-old sexually abused and pimped in Kolonos. Durng a speech in the Parlaiemtn she disclosed the identity and the location of the girl who was raped by dozens of men.

Short after becoming a minister in 2019. the sciolist “academic economist” as she describes herself had claimed on the occasion of the OXI Day on October 28, that the Greek fighters against the Axis were “volunteers and activists.”

A month later, she had also discovered “weapons of Syrian army” in Athens university…

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