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Greek Minister discovers “weapons of Syrian Army” in Athens University

They live among us: People who live in isolated bubbles. Nothing wrong with this. Problem is when these uneducated people – to say it politely – want to govern us and rule over our lives, present and future.

Deputy Labor Minister Domma Michailidou claimed that anarchists had stored “weapons to which the Syrian Army has access” in the Economic University ASOEE of Athens and that these were found during the police raid last Sunday.

Speaking to Flash FM on Wednesday and asked to comment on the controversial police intervention against students on Monday, Michailidou stunned with the unbelievable statement that:

  • “it is unthinkable for police to search a university institution and find ammunition such as this available to the Syrian army.”

“As a resident of the center but also a citizen of that country, I find it inconceivable that there is a police investigation within a public education institution, a university, and ammunition is found. I mean it looks to me terrible that there is even controversy over this issue, ” she said first.

Then she shot her historic statement…

“It is not possible for any of our fellow citizens to have access to weapons to which the Syrian army has access to! That is, we cannot discuss these things. And just that there are controversies about it when there are terribly dangerous weapons, then there is certainly a big problem,” Domna Michailidiou stressed.

I didn’t know that the Syrian Army uses wooden sticks, helmets, stones, fire extinguishers and empty Vodka (Yes! Vodka!) bottles to fights. But Domna Michailidou is a Minister, so she must know better.. although she has a record of speaking about things she has absolutely not idea.

If it wasn’t only the Greek police statement and pictures from the “Syrian” dangerous weapons.

Vodka bottles are a clear sign of Putin’s influence in Syria and the secret connection with the ASOEE

As expected the minister’s statement inspired Greeks on social media. One posted a picture of Syrian President Assad among Economic University students. “Well done, Domna. The truth is out,” he wrote.

Another one posted a “BREAKING NEWS” from the …”war” front. “BREAKING NEWS
Cruise missiles fired shortly from the ASOEE building aimed at the headquarters of the liberation forces in #Piraeus. They are evacuating the building. “We will fall fighting” says # Domna Michailidou who has climbed on the roof and refuses to leave.”

Pireos avenue is where New Democracy has its headquarters

A third one warned “The map of Syria war is changing. International concern about the ASOEE involvement.”

Someone wanted confirmation if there is indeed “a submarine tunnel connecting the basement of ASOEE with Syria.”

It is not the first time, that the 32-year-old minister, an “academic economist” by profession stuns Greeks – and probably shocks the Prime Minister – with naive, in fact stupid statements.

On the occasion of the 28. October 1940, OXI Day, the minister said in her festive message that Greeks fought against the invading Italian Army out of “voluntarism and social contribution.”

Independently of her Ph.D. and previous teaching jobs in academic institutions, the minister is one of the persons for who we say in Greek “καλύτερα να τρως παρά να μιλάς” – It’s better you eat than speaking.

No, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis will not dare firing her as this would mean he would lose face, confirming he did bad choices. But with their statements several of his ministers have recently drawn a bad picture on the government.

I wouldn’t be surprise to hear of a government reshuffle soon, so by the end of the year….

PS Ignorance and sciolism the plagues of the Greek nation.

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