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Explosion at the Grand Lodge in downtown Athens

Αn explosion outside the Masonic Lodge of Greece, the Grand Lodge, occurred in downtown Athens early Thursday morning. Police proceeded to a controlled detonated a second suspicious package.

The explosion occurred short after 6:30 a.m. and after an anonymous caller warned about it with a call to international emergency line <112″. However, the caller did not mention the explosion time.

As police was rushing to the building of the Grand Lodge, the explosives went off.

Nobody has been injured.

Police found another suspicious package outside the buidling and proceeded to controlled detonation.

An eyewitness told news website that he saw a young man outside the building who dropped something like a back-bag or a plastic bag and shouted three times “f*ck masons.”

The alleged perpetrator was not wearing a mask.

Police investigates the issue.

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