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Fires turn Magnisia in Central Greece into a waste land (graphic picts!)

Strong winds in the prefecture of Magnisia, central Greece, flared-up the three fire fronts, with residents of at least eight settlements and villages to have been ordered to evacuate at 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 27, 2023.

“Unfortunately, the situation is almost out of control. Now the fire has turned towards the Kantiraga that is in immediate danger. I run to save 150 lives I have in my property, Giorgos Panagiotopoulos told local newspaper

Panagiotopoulos is apparently one of the locals who thinks of his animals before hos own safety, before he gets into his car and flee the flames as he has been ordered. At their own risk and setting their life in danger.

A 65-year-old beekeeper suffered serious injuries when he tried to save his beehives. He was transferred intubated to a hospital in Athens. He is in ICU and his health condition is considered as critical.

Τhe three fire fronts that broke out around Velestino on Wednesday afternoon, turned the agricultural and farming area into a waste land.

Over 5,000 hectares of arable land, farmland and forest, were burned down to ashes. Hundreds of farming and other animals and wildlife found a violent death inside their barns and pens.

Houses and businesses were either completely destroyed or seriously damaged.

Pictures via

The images of the disaster are heartbreaking.

An elderly woman and a shepherd found a tragic death inn the flames in the area on Wednesday.

Dozens of firefighters with 85 engines, 8 teams on foot, 5 water-dropping aircraft, ten water trucks from the Municipality of Volos and hundreds of volunteers battle against the flames that continue their destructive work.

Live from the area of Nea Anhialos, the reported of state ERT TV reported that several explosions took place. It was ammunition in a military camp that exploded.

Meanwhile residents of Nea Anchialos were ordered to evacuate to the city of Volos. they have gathered to a sports hall waiting for their transport, however, the flames have forced the traffic closure of the road to Volos.

There are now private boats rushing to the area to evacuate the people as the fire front is very big and expanding by the force of the winds.

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