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Council of State cancels plan to build migrant center on Lesvos

The Council of State cancelled the license to build a Reception and Identification Center (RIC) for migrants and asylum applicants at Plati-Vastria on Lesvos island, following a petition by the North Aegean Region, it was announced on Tuesday.

Section V of the highest administrative court of Greece cancelled the project because it lacked an environmental report.

It also cancelled the approval to build a road to the center through 2.1 hectares (21,011 sqm) of forestland.

The Reception and Identification Center of the Plati-Vastria was planned to house third-country citizens or stateless persons who have entered Greek territory without the legal formalities, in order to undergo the reception and identification procedures, but also to submit a request for international protection.

The CoS decisions comes as Migration and Asylum Minister Dimitris Kairidis visited migrants structures on the island of Lesvos on Tuesday including also the Vastria center.

According to local media, migrants’ arrivals have increased by 200% since June in comparison with arrivals a year earlier.

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