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Acropolis Museum: Group of women breaks in, steals coins

Five women broke into an excavation site at the Acropolis Museum in Athens and stole coins.

The incident took place at 22.45 on Tuesday evening in Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, where five young Greek women -among them two minors- were noticed by a security guard of the Acropolis Museum to have invaded an excavation site of the Museum and removed an unknown number of coins from various countries, media report on Wednesday morning.

Police officers arrested five young women (among them two 17-year-olds), against whom a case file was filed by the Acropolis Security Department for theft.

The Acropolis Museum is -theoretically at least – one of best guarded parts of Greek capital Athens.

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  1. michele lavender

    Excavation sites dont as a rule have ancient coins placed between them,they are housed in a secure museum on show or locked safely away, so these people must have entered the museum and with some ease,do you think they may be trying to tell us something like…..look everybody at our useless security in our much admired,very expensive museum…..

    • Hey, Michele, I don’t blame you for believing that these “coins” were part of an exhibition; this article is horrendously written and omits the vital fact that the “coins” are just current, common coins that people toss at the excavation outside the museum, much like what people do at the Trevi fountain in Rome. The coins are simply euros, dollars, and whatever other small change currency tourists throw there.

    • It seems that the stolen coins in this case are ones visitors have tossed into the outdoor area of the museum that shows below-ground-level excavations.

  2. The way I remember the layout, the excavation site is outside the museum, the coins probably the ones that ignorant tourists seem to like to throw into the wells etc., because, you know, it’s done at the Fontana di Trevi – so why not everywhere else too. Summing up: probably no actual break in and probably nothing of much value lost.