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Man arrested for stealing two vials of Pfizer vaccine in Athens

Α 40-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the theft of two vials of Covid-19 vaccine from the vaccination center in Peristeri, western Athens, on Tuesday. According to police, the man, a suspected drug user, had visited the site in order to get vaccinated. Immediately after he was administered …

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Hotel employee on Crete risks his life to catch a thief (video)

A hotel employee on Crete risked his life to catch a thief. He jumped on the back of the thief’s pickup truck until the driver made dangerous maneuvers and threw him over the board and on the street. Together with an accomplice, the thief had stolen a 500-euro worth motor …

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Is Greece loosing battle against Albanian herbs plunderers?

Groups of Albanian herb-pickers illegally enter North Greece and plunder vast quantities of herbs which they carry back home on mules and sell them for a tidy profit in European markets. They cause not only damage to the local economy but also to the eco-system. After seeing its best minds …

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Local high school teacher arrested for fossil footprints theft in Crete

A local high school teacher has been arrested for the theft of fossil footprints in Kasteli, Chania, on the island of Crete. A part of the stolen human-like footprints were found in the home of the 55-year-old who is a resident of Kissamos. Security cameras had recorded the thief when …

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Mafia-style gang steals diagnostic machines from Greece’s public hospitals

It all started with the theft of diagnostic machines from Agio Savvas Cancer and Oncology Hospital in Athens, last week. The story repeated in the general hospitals of Volos, Lamia and Larissa in Central Greece. Four robberies in a week. Targeted at pulmonary and gastroenterology clinics in public hospital. Bulky …

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Activism questionnaire by SYRIZA-Youth asks about “involvement in theft from supermarkets”

The online questionnaire uploaded by the Youth organization of ruling left-wing  SYRIZA is theoretically a sociological research, an attempt to gather the opinion of the basic of the youth organization. However, several questions are unconventional and even rename the criminal offense of “theft” into “activism”. The questionnaire triggered an outrage …

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