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Young woman attacked with syringe in Athens suburb

A young woman was attacked by a stranger who stuck a syringe needle in her leg. The incident took place in a popular street of Kaisariani suburb of Athens and while other people were walking on the pedestrian street as well.

The 26-year-old victim was transferred to hospital where the content of the syringe was examined with doctors to worry about a potential infection with a disease or a dangerous substance.

The woman told police that the unknown man followed her for some time, he stuck the syringe into her leg over her clothes and disappeared.

The attack took place on Tuesday, August 29, 2023.

According to latest information, the syringe contained genetic material, probably of the perpetrator of the attack, state broadcaster ERT reported, while other media spoke of “sperm.”

It should be noted that the attack was recorded by CCTV cameras in the area, his face was captured by cameras of a nearby store.

Police investigates to identify the man, to arrest him and charge him for sexual indecency.

PS what kind of sick people live among us …?!

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  1. There is a growing malaise in societies with increasing violence lack of respect and total disregard of law. In the past it was said that the only cure was a war !! Quite a price to pay. It is sad that it is happening here all too often.