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Arsonist claims he started a fire seeking revenge on his parents

A 27-year-old arsonist admitted to have started a wildfire in Aspropyrgos, western Attica, seeking revenge on his parents. The man, arrested on Monday, and told police “I started the fire because my parents wanted me to continue studying at the Merchant Maritime Academy.”

He reportedly explained that his parents were pressuring him to continue studying at the Merchant Marine Academy, he did not want to and set fire to take revenge on them.

The 27-year-old was identified as the one who had set fire to a tree outside the fence of the camp in SEEMAN in Aspropyrgos on August 24, 2023.

State security officers spotted the man on Monday morning while he was leaving the Academy and brought him to Greek Police headquarters in Athens.

He had a backpack of the same color and type as the one that had been stolen on the day of the arson.

In the presence of a prosecutor, an investigation was carried out a little later at his home.

Authorities filed a case against him charging him with arson.

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  1. Uh… What?! Hopefully he’ll get a nice long time to sit in prison, if he’d prefer that than to continue his studies… Idiot…