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Traffic ban on Skiathos due to floods; tourists trapped at airport

Greek police has imposed a traffic ban on the island of Skiathos early afternoon Tuesday after severe storm weather front Daniel hit and flooded large parts of the Sporades island.

The ban covers all except emergency services, roadside assistance and touristic buses transferring tourists to the airport.

The ban will be lifted once the weather phenomena weaken, local media report.

According to state broadcaster ERT, hundreds of tourists have been trapped at the airport as power and telecommunication problems have disrupted its operation.

Some airlines have modified their flight schedules, hoping to resume service at some point later.

According to some media, all flights have been canceled.

Local media reports of problems in the marine traffic between the Sporades islands and Volos on the mainland due to weather phenomena.

The situation on Skiathos is described as “out of control” due to adverse weather conditions with torrential rains, floods and landslides, flooded homes, businesses, hotels and tourist accommodations.

In the early hours of Tuesday, water was pumped out in Vigles and Koukounaries, where two women were rescued as the roads have turned into rivers.

On the ring road from the height of Tzaneria to Koukounaries, it is recommended to stop unnecessary movements as small landslides and flooding phenomena have been recorded, while the road to Platanias is closed as a car has been stranded in the middle without passengers.

The road from Koukounaries to Achladia has been closed with the presence of a police vehicle.

The mayor of Skiathos sent a request to declare the island in a state of emergency.

Storm weather DANIEL has been striking Greece since Monday night, flooding mainly Central Greece, and having the capital of Magnisia Prefecture, Volos, under water.

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