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Greece Floods: Deaths rise to 15; rescues continues from flooded villages (videos)

Huge problems continued in the flooded areas of the plain of Thessaly, Central Greece, on Monday, despite signs that the water level in the Pinios River was starting to subside even though very slowly. Storm Daniel may have stopped pouring rain in the area since last week, however, the tonnes of water from the mountains have landed in the plain and the rivers triggering unprecedented floods affecting thousands of people.

The situation remains difficult in the surrounding villages, many residents still trapped in houses and roof tops, as rescue operations continue with all possible as impossible means with many locals to help rescue people with their own available means.

According to Fire Service, a 4.527 rescues have been concluded so far.

Survivors weep for the death of their beloved ones, mostly elderly people unable to escape the rushing water.


They try to figure out the extend of tragedy and destruction of their whole life.

“Μy father and I lost everything yesterday morning. @00 sheep, cows, rabits, chicken, dogs, cats, our home. Nothing is left. We life destroyed in just a few minutes, the whole plan has been destroyed, thousands of dead animals, thousands of hectares with destroyed crops.”

Huge plots of cultivated land are still covered by mud and flood waters and thousands of animal have died in the floods.

ATTENTION! Graphic Images!

According to locals, at least 15,000 animals have died so far in Thessaly villages alone.

As they remain largely uncollected and the carcasses are been slowly revealed due to receding waters, aν an unbearable stench lingers in towns and villages.

Locals report of some animal rescues but very few here and there. some can not be saved as they were very weak after at least three days in the water.

Cows waiting for rescue from a roof top in Metamorfosi village in broader Karditsa region the village was totally flooded with water to have reached up to 3 meters high.

In addition, the rotting carcasses increase dangers for the public health, the Health Ministry has repeatedly warned.

Water, power and sewage systems have been severely damaged. 

Roads are still flooded or severely damaged, the infrastructure has collapsed and there are people in villages in urgent need of hospital treatment for example for dialysis or chemotherapy, to name just a few.

The number of deaths increased to 15 on Sunday evening as the body of one more person was recovered from the Gulf of Volos. The body identified as that of a 42-year-old man who went missing on the first day of the floods from the area of Volos.

Still missing is the newly wed couple from Austria.

According to Megat TV on Monday afternoon, 4,000 to 12,000 houses and businesses have been destroyed.

It will certainly need time to have the exact records of the damages as state inspections proceed with turtle steps, not only due to difficult access to villages.

PS It is truly very difficult to deal with a huge amount of incoming information regarding all aspects of the floods, the destruction and the political responsibilities in Thessaly and Volos. We take it slowly with the aim to stay sane…

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