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Greece Floods: Deaths rise to 15; rescues continues from flooded villages (videos)

Huge problems continued in the flooded areas of the plain of Thessaly, Central Greece, on Monday, despite signs that the water level in the Pinios River was starting to subside even though very slowly. Storm Daniel may have stopped pouring rain in the area since last week, however, the tonnes …

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IANOS leaves behind 3 dead, one missing and extensive destruction

Three dead people, one missing woman and extensive destruction is what Medicane Ianos left behind after it swept over Greece from Thursday night to Sunday. Over 8,000 homes and businesses are still under water in the Prefecture of Karditsa, Central Greece, three days after nature struck. Its rage started in …

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Storm “Geryon”: Dramatic moments in mud-floods in West Attica (picts, videos)

With full power storm “Geryon” stroke the beach town of Kinetta in West Attica in the night from Sunday to Monday causing unprecedented destruction. Dozens of calls to Fire Service to evacuate people from flooded homes. One 44-year-old man has been reportedly missing. “We heard a loud noise and within …

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New Findings: How the Mycenaean Civilization was destroyed in 1200 BCE

For decades, archaeologists were convinced that large earthquakes destroyed the great palaces of the Mycenaean civilization in the Peloponnese around 1200 BCE. But new research and studies of the Earthquake Hypothesis conclude that it is unlikely that seismic activity would have contributed to the fall of Mycenae. In the 1980s …

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